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Cutline:  In a country devastated by the horrors of war & poverty … what hope is there for its children?

Logline: 1 million Afghans are estimated to be addicted to drugs, especially heroin.  Alarmingly, 40% of these are women and children.

Synopsis: Afghanistan is a country devastated by the horrors of war, crime, violence and poverty.  It is also a country blighted with the cultivation and supply of opium.  Although it is estimated that 95% of all heroin on the streets of the UK & Europe comes from Afghanistan, few talk of the drugs that stay within the country and the devastating effects it is having on its children – the youth & future of Afghanistan.  After the so-called “War on Terror”and the fall of the Taliban, what future is there for the next generation?  Jabar and Zahir are two 15 year old friends, whose own sisters, mothers and fathers are also addicted to heroin and opium.

“Addicted in Afghanistan” is an intimate observational documentary that explores the heartbreaking reality behind the headlines as seen through the eyes of Jabar & Zahir, two 15 year old drug addicts in Kabul.

Completed 2009 / Duration 78 minutes / Shooting Format HDV / Screening Format Digibeta PAL  16:9FHA / Stereo Sound / Languages: Dari, Farsi & Pashto with English subtitles / Countries of Production:  UK/Afghanistan/Netherlands / Directed & Filmed by Jawed Taiman / Produced by Sharron Ward / Written by Jawed Taiman & Sharron Ward / Offline Editor  Jason Brooks  / Online Editor Nigel Taylor / Additional Editor Sharron Ward / Title Design Jason Brooks / Music by Elias Shahna & Deen Mohammed Ghamkhwar / Audio engineer  Adrian Scott / A Katalyst Productions / Film FX Zone Production /Made with the kind support of Jan Vrijman Fund, IDFA.

Addicted in Afghanistan on IMDB.

Sharron Ward is an Emmy & RTS award-winning documentary filmmaker. Check out Sharron Ward’s website here and her production company Katalyst Productions here.


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